The Most Fashionable Colours to Wear in A/W 2021

The Most Fashionable Colours to Wear in A/W 2021

With the autumn/winter period just around the corner, it’s now time to revisit your favourite colour palettes for the season. The colour experts at Pantone have unveiled their top autumnal hues for 2021 from both Fashion Week events in London and New York, featuring earth browns, rustic reds and pops of pastels alongside the darker palettes we naturally reach for at this time of year.

Here are our own looks in our favourite shades from both events.

Autumn Blues

Blue and brown are a great combination of colours to wear in any setting: where deep blues can grab attention, brown provides neutrality and tones down. We’ve brought these colours together with a range of items from our Dubarry collection, creating a look fit for countryside adventures.

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Rustic Reds

This combination of colours reflects the change in season, with red often being a festive favourite each winter too. Whilst bright red can make a big impact on its own, pairing this with beige creates a simple, classic look.

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Classic Greys

From fashion to interiors, simple grey tones have been everyone’s go-to colour lately. It’s great to pair with different shades for a monochromatic look, but what we love most about the colour grey is how versatile it is – it goes with almost everything.

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Pops of Pink

The experts at Pantone suggest keeping your winter wardrobe fresh with a range of bright colours, which traditionally is kept in the back of the closet until spring arrives. Encouraging self-expression, mixing this palette with your usual autumn looks keeps your style playful and practical.

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