Kiltane's Cashmere Buying Guide

Kiltane's Cashmere Buying Guide

Cashmere is known to be one of the finest materials that you can treat your wardrobe, and yourself to. However, understanding the unique traits of this luxuriously soft staple is key to purchasing quality cashmere that will bring you from year to year.

When carefully considered and cared for properly, your cashmere garment will easily last you over 10 years and become your new fashion best friend. Today, we will give you our ultimate guide so that you can make conscious fashion choices. From educating yourself on cashmere and its wonderful properties, to knowing what makes a good cashmere garment, you can find all you need to know right here before making your luxury purchase!

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a natural fibre that is found in the undercoat of Mongolian cashmere goats. In this region of the world, temperatures fluctuate massively throughout the year. This means that the cashmere goat adapts to these harsh conditions and develops a warm double fleece, acting as a protective layer against both water and low temperatures. This coat will keep them both warm in winter, but not overly hot in the summer seasons.

The quality fibres are typically removed by a labour heavy process of combing the goat during their molting season. The fibres are then separated as per varying factors such as their thickness, length and colour. In the garment industry, the fibres are then dyed and spun into yarns to be woven into quality products.

What are the properties of cashmere?

Temperature Regulating: Like the performance of the goat’s coat, cashmere fibres are considered to have temperature regulating properties, keeping us cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. Cashmere’s insulating capacities are up to three times higher than wools, keeping our body temperature at bay.

Hypoallergenic: As cashmere is a natural fibre, it is known to be hypoallergenic. This makes it a universal material that can particularly suit those who’s skin is a little more sensitive.

Shape Resilient: When washed under the correct conditions, high quality cashmere will retain its shape, giving your garment that brand new look for years!

Lightweight: As the fibres contain temperature regulating qualities, it allows for your physical garment to be a little more lightweight compared to other materials. This makes it a comfortable choice for any day.

Long-lasting: It is common to hear of cashmere garments being passed through generations. With enough TLC you can be confident that your cashmere will be with you for years.

Guidelines for buying good quality cashmere

Always check the label: Cashmere products can often be labelled as so but, may be mixed with a blend of other fibres. It is important that your garment is made with 100% pure cashmere so that you can fully reap the great properties cashmere has to offer.

Material Origin: As some weather conditions are harsher than others, they will have a varying effect on the quality of cashmere fibres. It is known that the best quality cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia. Checking this with your retailer is essential before purchase.

PS: Kiltane sources all their cashmere from this region!

Ply count: This identifies the number of threads that are twisted together to make your garment as durable as possible. For the best quality garments, you should look for a ply count greater than 1. At Kiltane, you can enjoy a ply count of 2 on our cashmere items.

Colours: The colour of you desired garment will have slightly varying effect on the feel and softness of it. In its most natural form, cashmere typically comes in white, brown and beige. Garments that are closer to these original shades will naturally be softer as they require less dye. It is normal for the same quality cashmere garment to feel slightly different in texture between colours.

Caring for cashmere

Whilst cashmere holds several positive qualities, these can be fully reaped only when you effectively care for your garment:

Handwashing or dry cleaning your garment is the best way to keep it fresh whilst ensuring that you are getting the longest life possible out of this wardrobe stable. After washing, it is essential to keep it away from heat and direct sunlight, allowing it to dry on a hard flat surface.

Keeping your garment safe in between wears is of utmost importance: It is recommended that cashmere is stored in a clean, dry location and preferably, in a resealable bag, to repel moths and other unwanted visitors.

Investing in a cashmere comb can be a great way to keep your garment looking soft and new even when the effects of day-to-day life take a small toll on its appearance.


It is no secret that making conscious buying choices will increase the life of your cashmere garment. When investing in such a piece, it is important to consider the factors mentioned above so you can ensure a positive experience after your luxury purchase has been made.

If such precautions are taken and you continue to love and care for your garment after purchase, we are confident that your cashmere will be your new fashion best friend and an extremely durable addition to your wardrobe.

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