Celebrating Robert Burns with Kiltane

Celebrating Robert Burns with Kiltane

Dating back to over 200 years, the celebration of Burns Night in Scotland is a key date for our home country’s heritage. Every year, Burns Night takes place on the 25th of January, marking the birth date of our nations bard, Robert Burns who is renowned for his poetry.

Robert Burns

Who is Robert Burns?

Robert Burns or Rabbie Burns, was born in Alloway. His writing career took off at a young age and by the time he reached the age of 27, he had already began building a reputation of being an extremely talented poet. At this time, Burns had already published some of his most famous work including ‘To a Mouse’ and ‘To a Louse’.

Constantly inspired by his surroundings, Burns travelled across Scotland where he had many life experiences, leading to the creation of poems such as the famously known ‘Auld Lang Syng.’ Robert Burns' life came to an end in 1796 where he passed away at the young age of 37, leaving behind him hundreds of pieces of his work.

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Like Robert Burns, we are constantly inspired by Scotland. Weaving the tones of the beautiful Scottish landscapes throughout our products, creating timeless tartan accessories inspired by the historic clans of Scotland and forever appreciating our home country are core aspects of our brand.

You can explore the full Kiltane range on our website. However, to celebrate this national holiday, we have picked some of our favourite traditional Scottish tartans to share with you in this blog:


An all-time Kiltane Family Favourite. The Blackwatch tartan was historically worn by the Watch Companies of the Highlands to police the rival clans. In more recent times, it is worn by the Royal Regiment of Scotland as an official uniform.

This wearable tartan will bring you from season to season. With multiple product choices including scarves and stoles in both cashmere and lambswool, your options are plenty!


There are many variations of the Mcduff tartan. Our take on this traditional print was inspired by the rugged landscapes throughout our country’s highlands. It’s said that this was the first clan to be recognised by the Scottish Parliament in 1384, with history stretching even further into the past. It’s claimed that the Mcduffs represented the traditional Royal line of Scots and picts which held the privilege of crowning Scottish monarchs.

Silver Bannockbane

Being the most modern in our collection, the Silver Bannockbane tartan is said to have no ties to any specific Scottish clan. The name of this tartan is inspired by Bannockburn, the site of the First War of Scottish Independence.

This modern take on a traditional tartan is one of our bestsellers. View our favourite accessories woven in this heritage inspired check.

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